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2013Huon Mallalieu. The Times (5 January)
2013Amy Dyduch. The Richmond Times (11 January)
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2013slington Tribune (25 January)
2012Holly Williams. The Independent on Sunday (29 July)
2012Jackie Wullschlager. Financial Times (23/24 June)
2011Megan Piper, The Spectator. Night and Day Blog. May. 'A Gallery for Riper Artists.'
2011Hackney Gazette , 5 May. 'Artist captures the moment his life was saved in war.'
2011Colin Gleadell. The Daily Telegraph 3 May ‘Market News'
2011Loving Dalston. (6 May)
2009Helen Sumpter, Time Out London, 12 -18 February 'In the Studio - Vaughan Grylls'
2009Saddeya Shamsuddin, Islington Now, 18 March 'O Mother, where art thou?'
2007Sarah Andress, Art on Paper, New York (January/February)
1995Marianne Meijer The Natal Mercury, Durban, South Africa. (19 April and 26 April)
1995Dan Cook The Sunday Tribune South Africa. (30 April)
1995Suzanne Bell The Daily News South Africa (4 May)
1994The Daily News, South Africa (14 February)
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1988Philip Core The Independent London(16 December)
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1986The Transcript North Adams Massachusetts (29 May)
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1986Peter MacGillivary The Transcript North Adams Massachusetts (5 August)
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1985James Auer The Milwaukee Journal (3 November)
1985Rob Wittig Isthmus Madison Wisconsin (15-21 November)
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1984City Limits London p.71 (30 March - 5April)
1984Adrian Woodhouse The Sunday Telegraph Colour Magazine London (12 February)
1984Ian Walker Creative Camera London (February)
1984Michael Young The Times London (24 March)
1984Brandon Taylor Aspects Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Spring) (Art Against Conflict: the Photocollages of Vaughan Grylls)
1984Vaughan Grylls Arte Factum 3 Antwerp (Vaughan Grylls' Images of the British Museum)
1984Tim Imrie The British Journal of Photography London (9 March)
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About Vaughan Grylls

Born 10th December 1943 in Newark, Nottinghamshire and attended art schools at Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Goldsmiths' and the Slade. He has taught at several art schools in the UK and the US.

From 1996 to 2005 he was Director of the Kent Institute of Art and Design. In 2005 he resigned to concentrate full-time on his own work after joining the Kent and the Surrey Institutes of Art and Design to make the University for the Creative Arts.

″I still use the same approach to my work: I get an idea, think of the title and then make the work. So not much has changed since 1964″

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