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About the Work

This work is about separation of rich from poor. I photographed the top section of the bridge during the morning and evening rush hours. The bottom section shows the homeless and was photographed during the same working day. The photographs in this section were distressed by crumpling them up and spreading them out again. Before photographing each homeless person I asked his or her permission, first explaining what I was doing; yet I still felt patronising. For some I bought bags of chips. In 1984, this work was commissioned by Cob Stenham, Finance Director of Unilever PLC for their main board dining room. Following complaints from some of the directors, it was moved to the staff canteen.

(Collection: Unilever PLC)

″I still use the same approach to my work: I get an idea, think of the title and then make the work. So not much has changed since 1964″

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